Genomics data manager and programmer

The Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology (GCB) is seeking a Genomics Data Manager and Programmer to administer, manage, and program the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), data management pipelines, and public data repository submission of various types of genomics data generated by research projects that heavily utilize next-generation sequencing and related technologies. The incumbent will initially work with at least two recently funded large genomics research projects, whose PIs are faculty at GCB. One, funded under the Genomics of Gene Regulation program of the NIH, aims to characterize how certain cells respond to anti-inflammatory drugs called glucocorticoids (a type of steroid hormone). The project will use next-generation sequencing (ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, and DNase-seq) technologies to determine what and when genes are turned on and off, and how this process is controlled, which will advance the understanding of how glucocorticoids control both anti-inflammatory and metabolic responses. The second project, funded by NIH’s psychENCODE program, will use chromatin bases assays to identify active gene regulatory elements in brain tissue samples from 100 schizophrenia cases and controls. The research will use high-throughput reporter assays and genome editing technologies, which will generate unprecedented evidence for identifying and characterizing contributing genomic variants. Please submit your application at, requisition# 400946476 and email a cover letter and CV to For inquiries about the position please contact Dr. Tim Reddy, at

Postdoc to study gene regulatory mechanisms of maternal and fetal health

The Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Duke University Medical Center is seeking a Postdoctoral Associate to investigate the effects of genetic variation on genome activity and gene regulation. Genome-wide association studies have clearly established that genetic variation that alters gene regulation is a major contributor to disease. A major focus of the Reddy Lab at Duke is developing and applying novel high-throughput experimental strategies to measure the effects of non-coding genetic variation on genomic regulatory activity. The postdoctoral associate will have a major responsibility in the continued development of these experimental strategies, with particular application to aspects of maternal health during pregnancy. The research will rely heavily on high-throughput sequencing and CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, giving the successful candidate extensive hands-on exposure to these cutting-edge techniques. To apply, please email a cover letter and CV to or apply online at

Research technicians to work on the Genomics of Gene Regulation Project

The ReddyLab is currently searching for Research Technicians to work primarily on the Genomics of Gene Regulation project. The goal of the project is to dramatically improve our understanding of the way our cells response to stress hormones through the use of several advanced technologies including high-throughput DNA sequencing and genome editing. Further details of the project are available in the "Details" section of the website, and also from the NHGRI. Some of this work was also discussed in a recent radio interview with Dr. Reddy on Radio In Vivo. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to, and also submit your materials through the Duke University job application system at using requisition number 400932590 or 400937133.